It is inevitable that digital investigations will lead to evidence that is stored in the cloud. Here at Gateway Forensics, our team of experts have the experience and knowledge to provide professional collection and analysis of cloud-based information. With ever-changing technology, more apps and services have moved to cloud-based architectures and we have the capability to capture and examine this data.

Create a portrait of behavior

By investigating a person’s history of device and cloud usage, we can create a portrait of behavior and establish evidentiary items of interest such as location, relationships, transactions, and communication history.

Recover Data

We can recover data believed to have been deleted that may be relevant for litigation

  • Social Media Collections: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & More
  • Email Collection
  • Cloud Storage Collection


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Our Services

From Incident Response to Mobile Forensics, Gateway Forensics is the best option for digital investigations.

Areas Served

Based in Maryland, Gateway Forensics provides services across the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.